The Benefits of Full Membership

  • Voting privileges that make a difference: As a member, you participate in electing CEMA’s Board of Directors, thereby influencing CEMA’s agenda
  • Eligibility to run for office: As a member, you can run for election to CEMA’s Board of Directors and have a direct influence over the association’s priorities and actions
  • Concise issue summaries on complex topics that impact your business and summary of CEMA’s current point of view and advocacy efforts
  • Timely updates to keep you abreast of new developments that affect your business
  • Sizeable discounts on industry functions: As a member, you (and your staff) enjoy significant discounts on the year’s best-attended industry events: CEMA’s annual Canadian Fuel Marketing Conference, and annual Golf Challenge
  • Invitation to CEMA Regional Members meetings
  • Unrestricted access to CEMA information resources and the ability to access informed advice on a wide range of business topics such as how to get into exporting, how to implement new regulations, and who to contact in government in order to discuss specific regulatory issues


The Value of Full Membership

CEMA membership delivers value in three key areas that can directly impact your bottom line:

The value of advocacy
When CEMA speaks, your voice is heard. Government-driven legislation and regulations can profoundly affect your bottom line. CEMA works tirelessly to advocate on your behalf in areas targeted to improve member company profits and longevity. CEMA represents the unique interests of independent energy marketers as follows:

  • When we need to change or adjust existing or proposed legislation;
  • When we need new legislation to protect independent energy marketers from egregious business practices; and
  • When politicians and bureaucrats need to understand the very different business model of independent energy marketers in order to properly implement regulations.

The value of efficient networking
New relationships with other fuel marketers in Canada will create value for your company. Whether it is a case of learning from others about how they manage certain aspects of their business, or working with them to create new value, the possibilities are endless. Note that CEMA operates under strict compliance with Canada’s Competition Act and CEMA expects members to understand the Act and adhere to it at all times.

In fact, members report feeling that they were getting more than their money’s worth from their CEMA membership as a result of the value of the networking alone. The events CEMA organizes are designed to provide maximum networking opportunities – not just with other energy marketers, but with a wide range of suppliers from the hauling, equipment, technology and fuel supply sectors. With most major suppliers to the industry converging at CEMA events, members report significant time savings (and value) from these meetings.

The value of information
CEMA will keep you informed of market trends and regulations that you must know about to operate legally and efficiently, and to maximize your knowledge for competitive growth. Through its educational seminars, CEMA will ensure that you have the right perspective to make good business decisions.

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