Your hardworking neighbours are fueling Canada

The future of Canada’s energy retail sector is a choice between a realistic, ongoing plan to make Canadian retail fuels mutually economically beneficial, secure, and more environmentally friendly, and an unrealistic plan to limit and prevent the development of Canada’s natural resources sector.

Canadian fuels are an essential, reliable, and ethical service for all Canadians. The Energy Marketers who fuel Canada are your hardworking neighbours who have a plan to promote innovation that ensures the benefits of Canada’s natural resources are realized for all Canadians.

What we do

Promote innovation that ensures Canadian fuels are mutually economically beneficial, secure, and more environmentally friendly.


Canadian energy creates and maintains hundreds of thousands of high-quality, well-paying jobs.

Canada's oil and gas sector is responsible for billions in capital investment that helps grow the Canadian economy. Personal, private, and public sector pension portfolios are growing through investments in Canadian energy, and economic reconciliation is being advanced in partnership with Indigenous Canadians who live in rural and remote communities that have an abundance of natural resources.


We provide Canadians with a necessary product that is used to get to work, drive your children to hockey and soccer, and travel for vacation.

Canadian energy is secure. There is no threat that could seriously alter Canada's energy security in the coming decades. Our domestically produced energy supply is less emissions-intensive than other global sources, and the profits do not aid non-democratic regimes.


Canadian fuel is increasingly cleaner, with low-carbon options becoming more affordable.

The energy sector is achieving greater product efficiencies, lower emissions, and stronger environmental outcomes resulting from Canadian-led R&D. Through corporate social responsibility, Energy Marketers are limiting negative environmental impacts of operations and focusing on creating positive outcomes for natural environments.