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CEMA members include progressive leaders who are responsible for the distribution of diverse products like gasoline, diesel, heating oil, propane and aviation fuel, as well as low-carbon transportation energy solutions including renewable fuels and electric vehicle charging stations across a vast geography, to diverse industries, and to millions of Canadian consumers.

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CEMA members

Exchange Petroleum
MacEwen Petroleum Inc.

Association Annual Report 2022

CEMA and CICC Welcome Ontario Government's
Decision to Cut the Gas Tax and Fuel Tax

A proactive approach

CEMA prides itself on encouraging a proactive approach to creating a more sustainable environment at fuel sites across Canada. Of note, below are examples of the initiatives undertaken by CEMA members across the country.

LED Lighting Retrofits
Over $300,000 in annual savings
Going Green
Using green products and reducing paper consumption through the use of online applications
Improved Waste Management
Enhanced recycling programs and semi-underground bins
Automatic tank gauging & Strict
Fuel Delivery Procedures
Preventing spills and overfills
Ongoing Maintenance Procedures
Tank inspections
Line testing
Meter calibration
Oil water separation
Strict Potential Leak Investigation Procedures
Routine reviews of inventory


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